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Bullseye Thin-Fire Kiln Paper


A heat-resistant light weight ceramic impregnated paper, Thin Fire shelf paper provides excellent separation between kiln shelf and glass in kiln firing applications up to 1,600F. Benefits, when compared to more conventional ceramic fiber materials: glossier finish on the shelf side of your finished project, less binder burnout odor, and lighter weight for easier handling and storage. Compared to kiln washes, ThinFire reduces shelf preparation time and improves surface release qualities. On firing, ThinFire disintegrates to a dusty tissue. Wear a respirator during disposal. If possible, clean shelves with a HEPA vacuum.

Prices are:

10" x 10" sheets $1.25 each
20" x 20" sheets $3.95 each add to cart
10 full sheet box $35.00 add to cart

All are shipped Priority Mail.

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