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Mosaic Supplies
Mosaic Glass Cutting Surface
This wonderful glass cutting surface collects glass chips leaving the work surface clean & fresh for more cutting!
Small 22-1/2" x 14-1/4" $19.95
Large 31-3/4" x 21-1/2" $39.95 (cannot ship)


(cannot ship)

Mosaic Glass Cutters
The perfect cutter for creating glass tiles & cullet! A slight turn if the carbide wheel brings a sharp edge to the glass as the cutting surface wears. We have cut an unreasonable amount of mosaic glass without ever having to move the wheel to a new position! (Like two years worth!) Very user friendly tool. Jaws open a full 9/16" carbide cutting wheels are 7/8" diameter. All STEEL construction with a spring return to full opening. Non slip plastic handles. $26.95

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Cutting Oil $6.95

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Glass Cutters
Our favorite Glass Cutter! Just wonderful for making strip cuts for mosaic cullet! This pistol grip style cutter has an acrylic handle specially designed to reduce hand fatigue. Comes with cutter head cap for easy storage & we will also include a bottle of specially designed cutting oil. $34.95

Mosaic Glass Cutting Square
Use this glass cutting square to create uniform strips for mosaics. Simply butt the glass square against the bottom of your glass (there is a ledge which keeps the L square in place against the bottom of the glass). L square stays in position as you cut strips of glass as narrow as 1/4" and as wide as you wish! Couldn't imagine creating mosaics without this inexpensive tool! $7.95

Running Pliers
After you cut your strip you need a perfect way to break the glass. Use these runners and you will have perfection nearly every time! Simply place the mark in the runner on your glass score & you are on your way to making glass tiles & cullet for your mosaic masterpiece!

Steel Runners - Good quality 8" long adjustable metal pliers. Plastic tipped handles, 1" wide jaw. $14.95

Fletcher Plastic Runners - Best Quality, made in USA! Lightweight plastic contoured handles. 8" long. $21.95

Steel Runners

Plastic Runners

The ULTIMATE MOSAIC GLUE! WELDBOND - More than Great Glue! After trying everything else that is on the market, this glue is all that we ever use now! WELDBOND More Than Great Glue lives up to it's name! We love it & so will you!!!
(hint: use this for even more than mosaics. glues marble, brick, cement to tile, cement to wood, glass to glass, glass to metal, glass to wood, foam plastic, indoor/outdoor carpeting, wood, aluminum to wood, laminates, cement to steel to wood!)
8 oz $8.95
12 oz $12.95
21 oz $19.95
8 oz $8.95

12 oz $12.95

21 oz $19.95

Glass Caddy
Glass Caddy
The Glass Caddy is a great and efficient way to store your valuable glass. The rack has 15 slots that can hold up to three pieces of glass each. The size of the rack is designed for glass pieces not larger than 12" x 12". Although the rack will store up to 45 square feet of glass, it will be difficult to find and remove pieces if the Glass Caddy is completely full. 11"W x 5"D x 5"T Simple assembly required $17.95

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