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Cabinet Glass
Updated 5/26/04
Neoglassic Studio carries a wide selection of specialty glass for cabinets. Whether it be for your kitchen, den, library or office, we're sure to have the style of glass that will suit your needs. We are also happy to work directly with your cabinetmaker, interior designer or architect. All glass can be cut to size to fit your doors. Please feel free to email us or give us a call with any questions.
  • (Baroque) Swirling, sensuous eddies that are unique to each sheet. Sheet size approx. 24" x 48".
  • (Cord) Small ripples dance with reflected light. Equally entrancing from both sides, this exuberant texture draws attention to itself while obscuring background images for ultimate privacy. Sheet size approx. 24" x 48".
  • (Flute) Flowing undulations impart an ethereal quality to the images of your world. Sheet size approx. 24" x 48".
  • (Rainwater) Crystal droplets decorate this satiny glass. Aren't you glad you're inside? Sheet size approx. 24" x 48".
  • (Seedy) Small, elongated bubbles evoke the character of antique glass. Sheet size approx. 24" x 48".
  • (Waterglass) The impossibly fluid appearance of this glass puts your world into motion. How can a solid pane of glass continuously flow like a sheet of water? You'll have to see it to understand. Sheet size approx. 24" x 48".
  • (Glue Chip) Glass from yesteryear. Very popular for Victorian architecture. Sheet size 24" x 36".
  • (Deco Fluted) 1/2" reeded (fluted) glass. Popular with modern interiors. Goes well with stainless steel. sheet size approx. 30" x 40".
  • (Narrow reed) 1/8" reeded. Precise reeds. Works well where linear designs are wanted. Sheet size approx. 30" x 40".
  • (Kokomo Seedy) Very heavily seeded glass. Hand made, one sheet at a time by Kokomo Opalescent Glass. The same glass company that made much of the glass for Tiffany. Sheet size approx. 32" x 32".
  • (GNA) German New Antique. Absolutely the nicest glass. Extremely clear with very subtle styrations. Adds an air of richness in any decor. Sheet size approx. 30" x 40".
  • (Moran) A very unique glass. Appearence is of small ribbed clouds. Lends itself to an Asian feel. Sheet size approx 24" x 48".
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